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The authors of this website carefully and make every effort to provide accurate, current and up to date for Web visitors. However, the following under lying Terms and Conditions that apply strictly to the visitors:

1. Internet Marketing Administrator does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the website is also not responsible for any damage incurred directly or indirectly from use of information.

2. Internet Marketing Administrator does not accept responsibility for omissions and commissions from every mistake and non inclusion of any topic directly or indirectly while constructing this website.

3. Internet Marketing Administrator reserves the right to change the options available on Website without prior notice to anyone at any time or according to information provided by the Internet Marketing Administrator.

4. The author of this site does not get any benefit directly or indirectly, either financially or in other forms of publishing this website is purely for non-business purposes. This is just for information for public access without changing the content on the web site.

5. Internet Marketing is provided for informational purposes only. The authors make no representations or warranties, express or implied for the accuracy and the fitness of data for purposes that may be required by visitors.

6. The material provided in Web site is the only Internet Marketing Unit of the District have and can't be duplicated in any form, in whole or in part without the written permission of the author and Internet Marketing District Commissioner. Duplication in whole or in part is a violation of International Copyright Law and is a violation and may take appropriate legal action.

With all due respect to comply with the above, for the attention of Internet Marketing Administrators say thanks.
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